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Picture of Lanyon Quoit
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West Cornwall has a plethora of standing stones and ancient stone-age remains, such as Lanyon Quoit (above) which marks one of the great chamber Tombs of over 5,000 years ago.
The Merry Maidens near Lamorna are a complete circle of standing stones dating back to the Bronze Age. A charming legend attaches to these stones. It is said that maidens dancing and the piper playing for them were turned to stone for their merrymaking on a Sunday.
Iron Age Celtic chieftains raised great strongholds in West Cornwall, the best examples being Chun Castle and the cliff castle, Treryn Dinas on the Logan Rock promontory at Treen.
Chysauster, north of Penzance has wonderful examples of preserved Iron Age courtyard houses as does Carn Euny near Sancreed. Carn Euny also has a magnificent example of a 'fogou' - an underground system of passages and chambers, who's true purpose is shrouded in mystery.

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