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Picture of Land's End at Sunset

Land's End, the south west tip of mainland Britain and one of the world's best known landmarks, possesses a timelessness all of it's own.
It's Appeal has emphatically passed the test of time. For centuries it's unparallelled mix of outstanding natural scenery, intriguing legend and mystique has annually drawn travellers by the thousands. Here are power and grandeur. Power in currents and tides with their enormous running swells crashing against the rugged rocks far below. Grandeur in the height and fantastic shapes of the 200 ft cliffs and crags with their fascinating variety of Bird life. During the summer months the RSPB staffs bird viewing sites to tell the visitor of the colonies which nest here and of the many birds which use Land's End as a stop over.
A walk along the coastal footpath to or from Sennen or south towards Penberth gives spectacular views of the cliffs and may also reward you with a glimpse of a school of Dolphins that regularly grace our shores.
To Sea, the Longships Lighthouse lies two miles offshore, and on the horizon are the Isles of Scilly. In between, beneath the surface, the legendary world of the Lost Land of Lyonnesse - the remains of whole cities and rich and fertile plains. Church bells, they say, can still be heard ringing between Land's End and the Scillies.
Exhibitions and entertainments, such as the Last Labyrinth - an electronic theatre display - are open every day from 10 am. Car parking £ 2.00 per day - admission to exhibitions extra.

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